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5 Steps to Find Your Dream Career

Recently I read a post from Jim Kwik that says “Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your present reality. Upgrade your attitude, discipline, and skills to match your destiny.”

Often many job seekers do not know what actually they want and ended up working in a place for the salary. Not many know how to pursue their dream career.

In this article, I like to share with you my Career Coaching Model which I use for my clients. This model consists of 5 steps to find your dream career, and I have received many testimonies from those who have gone through the process.


  1. Discover Your Personality Type

    Knowing your personality and behavior preferences will help you to be happier and understand why you respond in a certain way.

    You can use the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) but for my clients, I used the DISC Personality Assessment.

    DISC is a four-quadrant behavioral model where “D” stands for Dominance, “I” for Influence, “S” for Steadiness, and “C” for Compliance.

    The “D” type personality is the natural leader, driven, and strong-will. “I” type are good talkers and persuasive. The “S” type is quiet and easy-going. Lastly, the “C” type is systematic and competent.

    There are many free online DISC assessments available to show you your type but a certified DISC consultant will be able to give you value-added insights.
    discover Personality Type

  2. Know Your Core Values

    Core values are your life compass guiding you in making important decisions. Most of us have many values (30 or more) but to make the right choices in life, we need to narrow down to our top 5 values.

    Some examples of values include family, integrity, loyalty, reliability and the list go on. You can search for the list online and ask yourself which are the values that you hold closest to your heart.

    Here is a website you can refer to. You can start with a list of 20 and filter to 5. Write down your top 5 and give some reasons why they are important to you. You can also note down when or where you apply these values.

  3. Find Out Your Passion/Interest

    You may realize by now why you can do better in certain areas when you have an interest in it.

    Your passion drives you to excel in the things you do. Although not everyone can monetize their passion, it is wise to choose a career where you have an interest. You do not want to drag yourself out of bed on a daily basis right?

    I found the O*Net Interest Profiler a great tool to discover your interest. The Profiler measures 6 types of occupational interests; Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

    The Interest Profiler is compatible with Holland’s RIASEC interest structure. Learn more about your interest and join the job sector that you will enjoy in the long haul.Discover your Interest and passion

  4. Try Strengths Spotting

    What are strengths? Strength is much more than something you are good at or capable of doing well, it also gives you energy when you perform it.

    Being motivated and enjoying your activities is what leads to engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Strengths spotting is the ability to recognize the strengths that you and others have through observations. What are the things that you learn fast without much effort? What activities do you excel in without trying much? You can read more from our blog post.

    My clients went through the Strengths Profile assessment to discover not only their strengths but also the things they are good at but de-energize them.

    You might be good at writing but you may not enjoy doing it. After some time you will face a burn out like many others.

  5. Reflect on Skills You Enjoy Using

    This is something I learn from Knowdell motivated skills. Using the card sort method, you are able to list down transferable and burn out skills.

    If administration or planning is a burnout skill, make sure you do not include that in your resume.

    If you do not have access to the motivated skills card sort, you can list down all your skills and strike away those that drain you the most.

    Keep a lookout for jobs that are looking for the skills that you enjoy.

Follow the above 5 steps to find your dream career, and you are on your way to land on your ideal job. Let me know if you have any comments.

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