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I Failed My PCP Application – And It Was Fine

professional conversion programme

Professional Conversion Programme

PCP stands for the Professional Conversion Programmes, which is designed for individuals in Singapore seeking a mid-career switch into a different industry. It is now known as Career Conversion Programme (CCP).

Under PCP, trainees will go for their full-time studies and receive a monthly training allowance. Yet perhaps some did not make it, and I was one of them.

I went through the PCP application process in 2012 and applied for the Diagnostic Radiographers (DRs) to join the healthcare industry.

This was after working for 4.5 years in a church and I wanted to try something different. The job description of a Radiographer attracted me and to my delight, I was called for an interview at Harbour Front. There were many others at that meeting.

The director made it clear to us that this job will require shift work. At that point, I was not too keen on working shifts, but I went ahead with the application regardless.

Next, we went to one of the local hospitals for a one-day internship to observe what the DRs do daily. Their main scope of work is to help patients do the x-ray screening.

I submitted my course application at Nanyang Polytechnic and if I was accepted, it would be a 3-year full time diploma programme (now it is a 4-year full-time degree programme with Singapore Institute of Technology). I also went for a medical check-up and waited hopefully to start school.

After some weeks, I received a call and was told that my application was rejected. The reason was because I have colour deficiency, commonly known as colour blind.

Interestingly, I received another call from the same person sometime later, telling me that another hospital is willing to take me in. But this time I rejected the offer as I found a job as a trainer and coordinator.

If you’re considering a career switch now, you’ll be happy to know that there are more jobs available under PCP now, and more information is available at WSG or MyCareersFuture.


Just be sure to do these two things which I have learnt from my PCP experience:

  1. Must sure you really enjoy the job before you switch. A shift job is something that I still prefer not to take on. If I had gone ahead with the DR position, I might regret later on and end up having to make another job switch. So, perhaps my failure was a blessing in disguise!
  2. Check out the requirements of the position you’re planning to apply, including medical ones. If you have any pre-existing conditions, clarify with the interviewers prior to application because you might just save yourself time from going through the entire application process which can take months.

All the best in your job search and career switch. contact us if you need help.