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5 Tips For Strengths Spotting

Strengths Spotting Emunah

A strength is something you perform well, gives you energy and you do it often.

Here are 5 tips to help you spot your strengths.

1. Childhood memories – What do you remember doing as a child and you still enjoy doing now?

2. Ease – Which areas/activities do you excel without trying much?

3. Rapid learning – What are the thing that you learn fast without much effort?

4. Energy – What activities give you energy and make you feel good?

5. The tone of your voice – Notice your tone when you talk about your strengths. If you feel excited, that could be an area of strength.

Focused on your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

Check out 3 more strengths spotting tips from our infographic.

If you are interested to learn more about your strengths, contact us to do a Strengths Profile assessment.

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