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Thank you Ben for an interesting session discovering my passion and interest. Found out that I had many motivated job skills that I could use. I am in my mid 40s and I look forward to a more fulfilled life in the years to come. I enjoy your coaching. I hope that more people can benefit from your program.

I saw my confidence and determination strengthen throughout the process. Through this career progress course, I was able to move to find a clear direction with my work. Ben’s role is not to give me a roadmap, but to help me survey my own landscape and then to shine a light on what path I most wanted to do in my career.


Career Coaching Singapore

Emunah Coaching and Training provides Career and Strengths coaching services in Singapore. Our founder, Ben is a certified Career and Solution Focused coach. He is also certified to coach clients using the Strengths Profile and DISC Personality Assessment. To read more success stories of our clients, please check out our home page.

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