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About Us

Ben is the founder of Emunah Coaching and Training, providing career coaching services in Singapore. Emunah means ‘faith’ and ‘support’ in Hebrew. As a DISC and Strengths Consultant, he is here to support his clients on their career journey.
Before starting Emunah Coaching, Ben was involved in the leadership development in a Non-profit organization. Besides mentoring, counseling, and coaching, he facilitated small groups and organized events.

He was the main trainer and program manager to equip the leaders to run the first Alpha Course (a program founded in UK) in the church. He successfully led the team through the course with doubled the expected attendees and demonstrated great leadership.
As a life long learner, Ben believes in investing in himself to better serve others. He is a certified Stress and Behavioral Consultant (DISC) and a Career Coach. To provide greater values and enhance his ability to help others, Ben received his certification as a Solution-Focused practitioner (ICF-ACSTH). He is a certified WSQ trainer and assessor (ACLP).
Ben is a certified Strengths Profile Coach and his top three Realised Strengths (RS) are Growth, Explainer, and Detail. Ben is seeking new skills and knowledge to develop himself and his clients. He is able to bring clarity and guide his coachees toward their goals.
Ben is also an SEO/SEM consultant for a local furniture company, Polar Watch in Malaysia and Daumier Swiss Luxury Watches. He uses a Polar Vantage M2 for his walks and a Mutate Batman watch for official events. He has a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and is familiar with Google Analytics and uses Google Search Console. You can read Ben’s SGUS learning experience at Lithan. He likes to listen to any good music with driving basslines and is a lover of birds. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Our Mission and Vision

Since we spend at least 1/3 of our waking hours at work, staying in an unhappy job will affect the other 2/3 of our life.
Ben’s mission is to guide his clients to find happiness in their careers through our coaching program.
His vision is to impact his coachees and encourage them to pick up new skills and stay relevant in the job market.
Ben leads by example by taking courses constantly to upgrade.

You can find out more about our career coaching services and if you are interested in becoming a DISC and Strengths Consultant, you can connect with us. We can show you the way.