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Life Mission: Do You Have One?

How are you getting on in your job? Good? Bad? Nothing much to talk about?

Do you drag yourself from your bed every day, trying to convince yourself to get to work?

Many of us are dissatisfied in our jobs. Yet, we are often caught up in providing for those who still depend on us, to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Our focus is zeroed in on opportunities that may allow us to earn more. We feel that we do not have the luxury of time to think deeper why do we do what we do.

And more often than not, unhappy feelings arising from job dissatisfaction overflow into the family front.

Simon Sinek once said,

People do not buy what you do, rather they buy why you did it. They buy the purpose, the mission.


Our life mission or purpose is what drives us to look forward to waking up each day and contribute passionately to a cause of importance.

It is the reason for our existence and is most likely part of something way larger than just personal gains. Knowing why you do what you do is a key element to success and will bring fulfillment to your life.

Three benefits you’ll get from knowing your life mission are:

  1. Clearer Direction

When you know your mission, it will shorten your journey in the wilderness and help you reach your goals.

Every small step you take will bring you closer to a meaningful life. After all, you cannot tell the driver where to go unless you know your destination.

  1. Gain Energy

Working just for a pay cheque will soon sap all your energy. In contrast, when you pursue your passion, and when you’re contributing to a bigger purpose, you will look forward to waking up each day.

  1. Greater Confidence

Knowing your life mission will increase your confidence. You know that you are here for a cause and that your contributions count.

In addition, you will not be easily distracted to pursue areas that you are not called to.


I see my mission in helping clients who are in their 20s to 40s find happiness and fulfillment in their career and I believe this will also positively impact their relationships with their families.

So, have you figured out your mission?