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Awesome SGUS Experience at Lithan

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) programme is a full-time training programme ranging from 6 to 12 months.

I got to know about this programme through social media and was glad that not only can I learn new skills, I can also receive a training allowance (no CPF) of $1,200 per month.

You need to meet a minimum of 75% attendance to get the training allowance.

The good thing is the course is subsidized and I can use my Skillsfuture credits to pay for it.

This SGUS programme is for Singaporeans and PR who are currently not holding a full-time job. Self-employed can apply.


I was interested to pick up Digital Marketing skills and I contacted NTUC Learning Hub when I saw their Facebook advertisement. After applying I received their email.
Life goes on and 2 weeks later while waiting for NTUC Learning Hub to get back to me, I saw another Digital Marketing SGUS programme on a Facebook advertisement and it was offered by Lithan Academy.
I thought no harm to apply since there is no news from the other training provider. Lithan was fast. Their Digital Salesperson contacted me within 3 days of my application.

I was so happy to receive the email. After I started with Lithan, NTUC sent me an email to arrange for an interview, but I rejected it since I already enrolled with Lithan.

Learning Format at Lithan

This is a 6-month accelerated Digital Marketing Diploma consisting of 8 modules. The format of each module is the same.

  • E-learning followed by MCQ
  • Lecture (flipped class)
  • Assignments
  • Tutorial
  • Mentoring
  • Project Presentation


During the Digital Marketing Course, we learn to be like entrepreneurs, creating buyer personas, filling in the lean canvas, setting up our social media channels, do content planning, pick up Google Analytics, explore SEO/SEM, and many other lessons.

I was glad to have a good mentor, Mr Ivan Wong, to share his expertise with us.

It is a blessing that our Singapore Government (WSG) provided such a good initiative for citizens to upskill.

You can only sign up once for the SGUS programme and the academy will help to connect us with the industry for job placement.

Be a Specialist


The Diploma exposed us to many areas of Digital Marketing such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and etc.

By the time we prepare our capstone project, we had a better idea of what we would like to focus on in our future careers.

On our own, we will need to continue to read up and take courses to supplement. The good thing is there are many free courses available.

I took a course at SEMrush Academy and sat through the exam. You can do so too.

How to check the Skillsfuture courses?​


At the MySkillsfuture portal, you will see the Featured Programmes.


Click on Courses to view more.


The SGunited Skills courses will be listed. Take your time to look through the courses and click in to read more details.


You can also check out the articles provided in the Skillsfuture portal.

If you are interested to find out more about the training providers, you can check the list here.


Question: Can I quit the course halfway?

Answer: You can quit the SGUS Programme if you find a full-time job. No penalty.

Question: How old are your course-mates?

Answer: The age range is quite wide from 30s to 50s. As long as you are willing to learn, you can manage it.

Question: Do I get hands-on experience or is it more theory-based?

Answer: For some modules, we are given a budget to run paid social media and Google Ads campaigns. Both theory and practical.

Question: How much did you pay for the course?

Answer: For 6-month programme before subsidize is $17,000 but we paid $500 using Skillsfuture credits. For a 9 month programme, you will need to pay $750.

Question: Did any of your course mates dropped out?

Answer: Yes. Some of them found a full-time job but there was one who was withdrawn from the programme because this person did not submit any assessments and did not respond to the coordinator.

Question: Are there other courses available besides Digital Marketing?
Answer: Yes. You can check out the list of training providers to see what is available. You can connect with me through LinkedIn or our contact form if you have any questions. All the best.

19 thoughts on “Awesome SGUS Experience at Lithan”

  1. Great read! Good to know that there are courses out there that help with skills improvements.

    Can you share more about how you can utilise the skills you’ve learnt? Perhaps in future posts?

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  3. Hi Ben, thank you for sharing. Would like to know whether the assignments and project are all group work. How are the lessons conducted? TIA

    1. Hi, For Lithan, the assignments and project are individual but you can discuss with your classmates. Some schools may have group work but usually, the final assessment for the module is still individual.
      At Lithan, we have eLearning (videos), lectures (flipped class), and tutorials (mentoring).

  4. Hi Ben, can I check with you, what makes you choose Lithan over other course providers such as Singapore Poly, RP, NYP, etc.?

    1. Hi Zi Hao, at that time I was offered the course from NTUC Learning Hub and Lithan. I wanted to experience other institutes of Higher Learning besides our usual Polytechnics. You can check what the Polys or Universities offer before you make a decision.

  5. Hi I’m Kelvin from Malaysia I have just completed spm equivalent to 0 level. I am thinking of enrolling in lithan’s computer science degree program.As the courses are all conducted online I am wondering how effective and good it can be? Is their teaching method good? How would you rate lithan’s qualification. Can you please share me your experience. Thank you.

  6. I am 1st batch students for digital workplace as start Sep 2020 to Feb 2021
    Really amazing study as while share what I learn to some IT friend, they say curriculum is a lot and informative and practical. Even a one private IT school principal friend,he surprised of what I learn in six months time is quite complexity. Digital workplace are 6 month bundle of PowerBI, Agile Leadership and Management, Agile App, Digital Innovation, Capstone. We learn to be like analyst while study Power BI. Agile leadership enables us guiding IT software team improve development timeframe. Agile app like power app and power automate useful tool for business. Glad I now join a Robotics company and able to apply what I learn to assist Robot development team.

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